Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Music Review: Mumford and Sons

Favorite Song: "I Will Wait"
        One of my favorite artists to listen to while I study or get ready for class is Mumford and Sons. Their eclectic, folky sound is soothing, yet interesting. They just released their new album and although some of it sounds a lot like their previous album, there are some really good songs on the record as well.
      "I Will Wait" Starts out with the banjo intro that they are known for, which they have truly perfected. The melodies among the members supporting the lead singer throughout this song gives it substance and depth, which is why this is one of my favorite songs from the album. I think another thing that draws me, and many others to this song is the contrast between slow melodies to the tempo speeding up for the chorus and then back down during the verses. The title track of the album - "Babel" has the similar up tempo banjo that the band is known for, and is also one of my favorites from this album.
       Something that I enjoy the most about Mumford and Sons is the honesty in their lyrics, their bonus track "For Those Below" is honest and so pure, which I love.
      Over all, Mumford and Sons definitely broke out of the underground indie scene with their previous album, and thanks to this album, solidified their spot in the popular indie genre.

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